We are computer scientists

This term we have been learning to code. We are able to code a micro:bit to do amazing things. A micro:bit is a very small computer. It has LEDs and USBs and we have learnt how to program it.

The micro:bit Challenge

To celebrate the 1st birthday of the micro:bit foundation. Class 4 decied that they would enter the micro:bit challenge

Building Mud huts

When we take a break from coding, we put our problem solving skills to great use. Building Mud huts is one of our favourite things. 

Fancy a Cuppa ?

We have been learning all about tea in our India Project. We are using technology to find out as much as we can. We have made a survey. Grown ups would you be so kind to complete it and ask your colleauges at work and friends to complete it as well. Thank you.

Our Survey