Welcome to the first Newsletter of the New School Year

Staff News

We welcome Mrs Lewis (nee Miss Taylor) back to Receptionn Class following her wedding in the Sumner holiday (ask her to show some wedding photos. they're amazing!) Mrs Hazel will cover the Year 3 Class during Mrs Davies' maternity leave. is anticipated that Mrs Davies will return to work in early spring term Also on matermty leave is Mrs Taylor Her maternity is being covered by Mrs Smith and Mr Aylett has one week of paternity entitlement left and the parents of Year 6 pupils will be notified when this be taken.

Kerry Humphry Memorial Garden

In memory of much loved office administrator, Mrs Kerry Humphry. who sadly passed away last term we are creating a memorial area dedicated to her memory. Year 1 parents Mr and Mrs Evans. have a wood sculpting business and have carved a special bench, which will be the centre piece of a special memorial area dedicated to Kerry. Last term parents donated funds. which will be used to purchase and plant a tree in the memorial area. If you missed the collection and would like to contribute please see Mrs Carey-White (Year Reception. Year 2 & 6 parent.)

New Outdoor Stage and Seating Arena

The PTFA have funded the installation Of new outdoor stage and seating arena. which replaces the wooden seating in the 'willow' area. The previous wooden structure had rotted and became unusable, Over the summer holiday period the new structure was fitted and really has exceeded our expectaions! This exciting development will provide valuable opportunities for developing Children's Creative Skills as well as providing a quiet seating for pupils during break times
All members of the PTFA have worked hard organisng events to fund this major project Special mention must go to Year 1 parent. Mr Gareth James and his colleagues and volunteers, who worked tirelessly on weekends on the construction of the area. The new area shows shows craftsmanship.

Our proactive PTFA is always looking for new and voluntary help. they would love see you at their next meeting being held in the school library at 3.20pm on September 18th.

First Aid Lessons

Thanks to the generosity Of the Abergavenny Rotary Club we are able to provide emergency first aid lessons for all af our pupils Training which will be facilitated by professional first aid providers and take On the  September 11th & 12th

The Prince William Award

We were honoured earlier this year that The Duke Of Cambridge chose Llanfoist Primary School to launch his new SkillForce Prince William Award (PWA). As well as visiting the school for the Official launch on March 1st, Prince William recorded a personal video message our Year 5 class congratulating them being amongst the first pupils in the country to achieve the award. We played the Video during the Year 5 PWA graduation ceremony in the summer term. Rarely in my career have I come across an initiative that has had such a positive impact on pupils. Following the success of the award I am extending it to Year 2 as well as Year 5 pupils. Year 2 will undertake the Pioneer element of the award and Year 5 will take the Explorer element. Pupils in these year groups will participate for a half day a week for a whole year on character building activities led by our SkillForce Coach, Andy Candler, was a former British Army Soldier ("Heroes in Schools Transforming Lives ) In October a small representation of pupils have been invited to make a special presentation on their PWA experience at a SkillForce lunch being hosted at the Tower of London. We have also been asked to make a presentation to Assembly Members in October at the Senedd in Cardiff.

Music Project

Due to the success of our music initiative last year, I have again commissimed Upbeat Music to deliver an exciting and motivational series of creative music lessons for each class over the course of the academic year. Lessons are facilitated by professional musicians and each class project will culminate in a performance to which parents will be invited There will be no charge for these lessons.

In addition, Reception pupils will take part in the Gwent Music strings project learning the bascs of either the violin or cello. At a small cost Year 1 pupils are able to continue with the strings project they took part in last year.

Year 4 Information Technology project

Over the course cf the autumn term Year 4 pupils will be working with ICT expert. Mr Stuart Ball, on developing innovative use of information techrology to their learning across the curriculum. Mr Ball is renowned in the world of education for his creative approach to computing and one of his past accolades was that he was awarded the Times Educational Supplement Science Teacher ot the Year, for ten years he worked with Microsoft developing their education programme.

 Lead Creative School

We have gained the Welsh Assembly Government status of Lead Creative School. Along with the status comes a considerable grant to allow us to further develop our creative curriculum. Mrs Roberts and Mr Aylett are leading on this important development and further details will follow

Junior Baccalaureate

Another first for Llanfoist Primary School; the Monmouthshire Sports Development Team have selected us to launched their new Junior Bacc Award, Year 6 pupils will be piloting the award, which focusses on developirrg health and fitness and is directly linked to literacy and numeracy development.

Class Assemblies

During the course of the academic year, each class will present an assembly to the Whole school. Parents, grandparents and friends of each class Will be invited to join The PTFA will provide refreshments and ater the assembly.

Assembly time will be 9.10a.m. — 9.30 a.m. Classes taking assemblies in the autumn term will be:
Year 4 (Mrs Samsom) - October 6th

Year 6 (Mr Aylett) - November 10th

School Closure -Teacher Training Days
There are 5 training days this academic year Dates and training activities are:
September 4th 2017 - Self Evaluation & new Estyn Inspection Framework
October 27th 2017 - Abergavenny Schools Joint Cluster training
June 4th 2018 - Health Safety training
July 23rd 2018 - Literacy & Numeracy
July 24th 2018 -  School Development Plan priorities

School Clubs

Football Monday 3.20pm-4.05pm Yrs 5 & 6 
Rugby Monday Lunchtime Yrs 5 & 6
Choir Monday 3.20pm-4.15pm Yrs 2,3,4,5,6
Creative Movement Tuesday 3.20pm-4.15pm Yrs 3&4
Netball Tuesday 3.20pm-4.00pm

Yrs 5 & 6

Homework Club Friday 3.20pm-4.15pm Yr 6 


Welsh Government Food and Fitness Advice 

Welsh Government have issued guidance for Schools on nutritional that we are expected to comply with and on which we will inspected by the Welsh Inspectorate. We ask that you supply only healthy snacks for breaks. Such as fruit and that crisps and chocolate bars are not sent in for snacks. Parents often bring in birthday cake to be Shared with the class, In compliance with the guidance, we will no longer accepting cake. With all current publicity about obesity I hope you will and support our healthy lifestyle approach. 


As headteacher I have direct responsibility for the traffic managernent an site, At the start of each academic year I always feel it useful to outline our traffic management procedures to ensure the safety of all site users.

Our road areas are covered by CCTV cameras for the safety of pupils. The differential in infant and junior finishing times eases congestion and works with your co- operation in adhering pick up times at the end of the day. Could ask you park in designated areas only, not to park on double yellow lines and to respect proper use of the disabled bays (Blue Badge holders only).

We have a considerable number of pupils who have bus or taxi transport to school, the designated bus parking area is on the slipp road situated at the exit of the turning circle opposite the school office. We ask you not to park in the top staff car park, which is a designated fire lane or to park across its entrance (which is chained off in the afternoons). We are not being territorial about this car park. the Silver tank in this area is the school fire sprinkler feeder tank and emergency pumping house. In the event of a fire the emergency services would need direct and immediate access to the tank and the pumping house This car park is also the most direct access to the utilities room, which has the greatest potential for the root cause of a fire We must have clear access to the tank and utility room at all times Couid I respectfully ask parents/carers not to undo the chain to use the top car park (by the sitver tank) or use it as a drop off point in the mornings.

Could you also be considerate of neighbours in School Way and refrain from parking across their driveways The police will be monitoring parking this year due to large numbers of complaints from residents.

A lot of rules I know, but all in the interest of pupils' safety The best solution to elevate traffic problem is for as many pupil / parents who are able, is to walk to and from school.

And finally!

We have a number of new children wtho have started in classes throughout the school and we all wish them a warm welcome. The school is full and we have a waiting list of pupils for most year groups wishing join us.

Apologies for the length of this newsletter. but as you can see, we have a very busy term ahead!

I look forward to seeing you at one of the many events we have arranged for the autumn tern

Thank you for your continuing support.

Kind regards

Jon Murphy