The School Mission Statement

We believe that the purpose of our school, working in partnership with parents, Governors and the community, is to:

  • Maintain a whole school, child centred approach, demonstrating high standards in the teaching and learning we offer our children, providing a broad and balanced curriculum that fulfils their needs.
  • Teach our children to make informed judgements and decisions, giving them opportunities to develop a sense of personal responsibility, a caring attitude and respect themselves, other people and the environment.
  • Respond effectively to a changing world with the main purpose being to improve the quality of learning in the school and raise the standards of achievement of all our pupils.
  • Create an environment that is stimulating, happy, secure and caring in order that children's confidence, self esteem and independence is secured.
  • Be realistic about what we can achieve, and the pace at which we can achieve it, keeping difficulties in perspective and maintaining our educational aims and our vision for the future.